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TruSolar is a direct to installer discount program we work with 5 star rated local installers in all states.

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123 How does the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program work?

1234The SMART program provides financial incentives for solar projects based on the energy they produce, offering fixed compensation rates for each kWh of solar energy over a 10-year term.

Can I sell excess energy back to the grid through net metering in Massachusetts?

Yes, Massachusetts offers net metering, allowing solar owners to earn credits on their bills for excess energy sent back to the grid.

How much can I save on my electricity bill by going solar?

Savings vary, but solar adopters often reduce their monthly bills significantly, sometimes achieving near-zero or even negative totals when factoring in credits and incentives.

What is the average payback period for a solar installation in Massachusetts?

Typically, the payback period ranges from 5 to 8 years, depending on system size, incentives, and electricity rates.

Can I get free solar panels in Massachusetts?

No, While "free" solar panels are rare, some companies offer lease or power purchase agreements (PPAs) with no upfront costs. Research the specifics and long-term commitments of such deals.

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Quick and easy form to see your estimate instantly. TruSolar has developed software to integrate seamlessly across the USA, so no matter where you are we can help you get top-tier solar energy system at the best price possible.


What Sets us Apart
Helping hundreds of people just like you go solar and save money on their electric bill every month.
Flat Rate pricing
We negotiate low flat rate pricing with 5 star rated installers in your area and give the same low price to every valued customer.
Direct to Installer
Guaranteed to be put in direct contact with a premier local installer. No Sales organizations, no middle man.
Instant Quote
We show you the estimated price in 60 seconds, no phone calls, no extra steps, no beating around the bush. Get a rough idea of the cost instantly.
Operating In 18 States
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60 Second Form To See Your Price
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* Pricing reflected as after Federal Tax Credit pricing. Some states are lower and some are higher this is the average across all markets please the run the calculator for the exact price.

Top-of-the-line Panels, Inverters And Panels
TruSolar install partners offers premier equipment with 25-year warranties and exceptional installation quality. Our commitment to using only the finest cutting-edge equipment and employing highly skilled professionals ensures that your solar panels will stand the test of time. Trust TruSolar for an environmentally friendly and financially wise investment in solar energy.


See why we get 5 Star reviews every project, We have support staff not sales rep managing your project from start to finish. Have one spot to check into your project and a dedicate person to your account.


Winning Support

Every project comes with a dedicated support staff and user dashboard.


The Only True Direct to Installer Instant Estimate Software
TruSolar is a direct to installer discount program.
We partner with top rated Solar Installers in your area and negotiate a low flat rate price.
We guarantee that you are connected to an installer not a sales organization or 3rd party. No Middleman, No Problem


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