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1. Introduction to Solar Energy
2. How Solar Energy Works
  • Overview of a solar power system
  • Solar panels: how they work
  • Solar inverters: their function
  • Battery Storage System
  • Net Metering
3. Evaluating Your Home for Solar
  • Understanding your energy usage
  • Importance roof direction
  • Assessment of the roof condition
  • Consideration of local weather
4. The Financial Aspects of Going Solar
  • Costs of solar panel systems.
  • Financing Solar Panels
  • Understanding solar panel efficiency.
  • Payback periods and return on investment.
  • Available incentives and subsidies
6. The Installation Process
  • Understanding different types of solar panels.
  • Evaluating the right size of the system
  • Choosing between different brands
  • Importance of warranties.
5. Selecting the Right Solar Equipment
  • Overview of the installation process.
  • What to expect during installation.
  • Necessary inspections and permits
7. Post-Installation and Maintenance
  • Understanding your solar panel system output.
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning.
  • Dealing with issues and repairs.
  • Upgrading or expanding your system.
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Different Methods For Purchasing Solar

One of the most common questions new solar enthusiasts have is, "How am I going to pay for it?" Well, you're in luck. We at TruSolar are here to guide you through the various financing options available for your solar needs. Let's dive in!.

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An Overview of Solar Energy Storage

The use of solar storage batteries is crucial to the success of solar power as a sustainable energy option. The excess energy produced by solar panels may be stored for later use, even when the sun isn’t shining, preventing the energy from being wasted

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Tax Credits
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

While solar systems can be expensive, the federal government offers an investment tax credit to help offset those costs. To encourage more people to make the move to solar power, the government is providing tax benefits to those who make such investments.

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All About Solar Financing

Solar panels, which produce electricity from the sun, are growing more popular among homeowners and businesses as a result of rising environmental awareness and energy prices. Yet, the upfront cost of solar panel installation can be rather high, and many people wonder what their financing alternatives are.

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Net Meterin
Solar net metering: What is it?

Solar net metering enables people and organizations to manage their energy usage and lessen their reliance on conventional energy sources. Homeowners and businesses can produce their own electricity and sell any surplus energy back to the grid by harnessing the plentiful and clean energy from the sun

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What is a solar inverter and how is it used?

Many people might be unaware that solar inverters play an equally crucial role in turning solar energy into usable electricity.

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